Method to My Madness

I have this blog divided into a few different sections, for no particular reason and in no particular order, as follows. 

I was thinking …

I’ll use this section to post random comments about whatever happens to be on my mind and I feel like discussing. Don’t expect Henry David Thoreau. More like Alfred E. Newman.

Guitar Stuff

This one’s pretty obvious. Pics and comments about anything guitar related.

Photo Album

I’m a bit of a camera hobbyist so I’ll be posting some snapshots here. Nothing very fancy, just whatever seems pic-worthy. Snaps, snaps and more snaps.


This is something new for me. In addition to using regular cameras (I’m a big fan of the Fuji X-series of cameras), I also enjoy shooting with the Hipstamatic camera app on the iPhone. I know this doesn’t appeal to everyone, and with the sometimes extreme effects, it can come off as a gimmick, but I quite like some of the effects. And I’ve decided, after looking at some of William Eggleston’s work, to do a series of “My Life” shots using the Hipstamatic camera exclusively and most likely the same lens/film combination. I know that most if not all of these shots will be relatively meaningless for most people, but I’m not doing this for most people. I’m doing it for myself. In the beginning, the shots will be uploaded at random as I shoot them, but I hope to get them organized in some manner as I go along, with the ultimate goal being to get them all into a book that I’ll probably only print one copy of. Feel free to browse through the pictures if you like, but don’t feel bad if you don’t find anything that appeals to you.