New Toy

My street photography often involves shooting from the hip, which has gotten harder to do now that I walk with a cane. So in order to be able to shoot with my left hand while holding the cane in my right, I got this little toy. It’s a wireless remote. The receiver sits on top of the camera in the hotshoe and the remote control goes in my pocket. An added benefit to this in the cold weather is that I don’t even have to take my hand out of my pocket to push the shutter button. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I’m planning to go out shooting with it in the next day or so. Gotta love technology!

The little black box on the left is the receiver. It has two big LEDs on it that I have covered up with black tape.


Here it is mounted on my X100T, ready to go out shooting.



I turned 65 this year, and since I can’t afford to retire, I have decided to leave the employ of the company I’ve been working at for 28 years and become a freelancer. I’ll finally be out from under the corporate yoke and able to spread my wings, or whatever is left of them.

It may be that I’m simply shifting the workload and stress from one foot to the other, out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to reduce both the workload and the stress and be able to relax a bit and spend some time doing the things I love to do, without worrying -so much- about the job.

I have enjoyed playing the guitar and taking pictures for many years, but finding the time to do these things in a full time work schedule has not been easy. Even when there is time, I often find myself too tired and sore to go out with a guitar or camera, so I end up at home on the sofa, watching reruns on TV.

I’m looking forward to spending my waning years with a reduced, or eliminated, workload, and taking the time whenever I want to enjoy my hobbies without needing to get back to the computer to do some work. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but here goes nothing. Wish me luck.